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I have a field that runs a JQuery script when it is clicked. This is a field in a form.

However, I need the scrip to run if the field is tabbed to, as some users prefer to do.

This is currently my script

$(' input.url').one("click", function() {
$(' input.url').val($(' input.url').val() + 'http://');})

How can I alter this to work the field is tabbed to?

Thanks a ton!

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I think you need to bind to focus instead of click

$(' input.url').one("click"...


$(' input.url').one("focus"...
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This worked! Thanks a ton! – collin Jan 23 '13 at 21:53

You want to use jQuery's Focus:

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The code to assign the function to both click and focus, or "tabbing" events could be like this one

    function aName () {
        $(' input.url').val($(' input.url').val() + 'http://');
    $(' input.url').one("click", aName);
    $(' input.url').one("focus", aName);

Let me know if it works fine for you.

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