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Attempting to compile trunk@711 on OSX 10.8 with Xcode 4.5.2 getting compilation error.


Conflicting types for 'createCollectableCFMutableDictionary'

Looking at CHMutableDictionary.h:14

HIDDEN void createCollectableCFMutableDictionary(CFMutableDictionaryRef* dictionary, NSUInteger initialCapacity);

The Macro HIDDEN is discussed here: CHDataStructures.framework won't compile for iOS in Xcode 4 but is about iOS.

I'm guessing a patch is needed to get this to compile on OSX as well?

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The HIDDEN attribute doesn't affect the compilation here, unlike the other question. It's complaining because the .m file has a __strong modifier on the first parameter, but it's missing from the .h file. You can resolve it by changing the declaration in the header to:

HIDDEN void createCollectableCFMutableDictionary(__strong CFMutableDictionaryRef* dictionary, NSUInteger initialCapacity);
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