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If I execute an insert query with a stored procedure with php and the mysqli_* functions, is there a way to retrieve the value of an autoincrement id field?
mysqli->insert_id does not seem to work.

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Maybe you can post your table definition. Or double-check that there is an auto_increment set. –  Till Sep 19 '09 at 18:03

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Are you sure the last query you preformed was an INSERT?

mysqli->insert_id seems the proper answer:

Return Values

The value of the AUTO_INCREMENT field that was updated by the previous query. Returns zero if there was no previous query on the connection or if the query did not update an AUTO_INCREMENT value.

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You are right, I was making a mistake in my code, mysqli->insert_id actually works also with prepared statements. Thank you.. –  Davide Gualano Sep 20 '09 at 12:13

mysqli->insert_id (where mysqli represents your database connection) must be used directly after the insert. If you run other queries on the same connection before attempting to read insert_id you get 0 returned.

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You could add this statement in your stored procedure after the insert:

   SET @saved_id = LAST_INSERT_ID()

Then, execute this query after calling the procedure:

   SELECT @saved_id
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You could try to make a query to MySql like so:


Not sure if it works with stored procedures though.

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