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I am trying to use a prebuild hook to install separate requirements for a Django project in development and production on Dotcloud (really just a couple of debug packages left out in production). I'm defining a DEBUG environment variable to trigger debug behavior, and I'd like to choose a pip requirements file. I wanted to use the prebuild hook to run a Python script that checks the value of the debug variable and symlinks the correct requirements file to requirements.txt in the root directory, but this does not seem to be working. As far as I can tell, the prebuild hook isn't even running, and I'm using dotcloud push --clean to attempt to force a clean installation. Am I misunderstanding how the prebuild hook works? If it's not a good way to use variable requirements, what else can I do?

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I feel rather dumb, but I do want to leave my question up because the method works. My problem was a faulty dotcloud.yml file, in which my indentation included prebuild under config, instead of directly under the service name.

If anyone else wants to do this, here's a structure that works for me:


  type: python
  prebuild: python dotcloud/
    python_version: v2.7

... and so on ...


#!/usr/bin/env python

import json
import os

with open('/home/dotcloud/environment.json') as f:
    env = json.load(f)

except OSError:

if str(env.get('DEBUG', False)).lower() in ['t', 'true', 'y', 'yes', 'on']:
    print 'Using DEBUG mode requirements'
    os.symlink('requirements/dotcloud_debug.txt', 'requirements.txt')
    print 'Using PRODUCTION mode requirements'
    os.symlink('requirements/dotcloud_production.txt', 'requirements.txt')
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