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I'm currently developing a full web client administration system on Symfony2. However, the question whether to create a User entity and a separate Client entity or have the User entity manage all client information (like it's credit state) remains unanswered.

From what I've gathered, using a separate entity for each thing permits me to have a better separation between the login system (which needs a User entity with basic properties) and the bussiness logic (which needs a Client entity with all the properties a client in the real world has). However, that would mean having a bigger footprint (if they were saved in a database, I would have to use a join statement) than having a single entity contain all properties.

What would you recommend in this case? Is there anything I'm missing?

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For the user login and system you can use FOSuserBundle

If your clients also need to login in same system then i would say that you go for


Then you can have separate class for each type os users and define custom properties

They all will use same basic attributes like username , password and then you can have extra information for client Enitity

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I'll check it out, thanks! –  fed Jan 24 '13 at 16:27

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