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I have an 1131AG Access Point from Cisco, and I want to users to authenticate befor being abe to access the wireless LAN.

I have configured the AP as a local authenticator, configured some users, and configurered a RADIUS server to point at its ip address.

When I try to access the WLAN I get a "cannot reach the wireless Lan".

In the AP the debug shows as Authentication Failed, EAP Reason 0.

According to Cisco, this error means that the credentials are. I'm using very simple usernames and passwords to test, so its not probable that I'm misstyping the password.

Also in the Radius statistics all counter are at 0 - includind miss connections and stuff.

Any ideas on what might be the problem?

P.S: I know it would help if I posted the configs but this all happens in a segregated LAN and I have no internet there (nor USB drives).


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I had a similar issue, make sure that your auth-port is 1812 for the radius server.

It should look similar to this. That is what got mine working. aaa group server radius rad_eap server auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813

I found a document on Cisco that said Radius has to use these ports, but not sure.

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