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I'm parsing an HTML document with a couple Perl modules: HTML::TreeBuilder and HTML::Element. For some reason whenever the content of a tag is just  , which is to be expected, it gets returned by HTML::Element as a strange character I've never seen before:

alt text

I can't copy the character so can't Google it, couldn't find it in character map, and strangely when I search with a regular expression, \w finds it. When I convert the returned document to ANSI or UTF-8 it disappears altogether. I couldn't find any info on it in the HTML::Element documentation either.

How can I detect and replace this character with something more useful like null and how should I deal with strange characters like this in the future?

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The character is "\xa0" (i.e. 160), which is the standard Unicode translation for  . (That is, it's Unicode's non-breaking space.) You should be able to remove them with s/\xa0/ /g if you like.

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s/\xa0/ /g #...and some more characters to make 15... –  aidan Jan 15 '10 at 19:58

The character is non-breaking space which is what   stands for.

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