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How do I set the character encoding in Apache HTTP Components?

I do something like this:

    Form form = Form.form();
    form = form.add("somekey", "somevalue");
    Request request = Request.Post("http://somehost/some-form")

"somekey" and "somevalue" are unicode strings because all java string are unicode. http components converts them to latin-1 when I tested. I want it to convert to something else (e.g., utf-8).

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I don't understand your question, please clarify with some code if possible. – Luiggi Mendoza Jan 23 '13 at 22:29
@LuiggiMendoza: submit a String to the apache http compoonents library. String in Java means unicode. It gets converted to latin-1 for me. I want to change what it gets converted to, e.g utf-8 – Dude Bro Jan 23 '13 at 22:35
You won't get any result in Google nor here. Update your question based in your comment (at least is easier to understand that the actual question). – Luiggi Mendoza Jan 23 '13 at 22:55
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Going by what you've shown in your example, you seem to be using the fluent API.

Looking into the javadocs there is a version of request.bodyForm() that accepts a charset:

    import org.apache.http.Consts;
    request = request.bodyForm(, Consts.UTF_8);

According to the source, the charset defaults to Consts.ISO_8859_1 (a.k.a. Latin-1).


  1. If that doesn't work, consider:

    import org.apache.http.Consts;
  2. As a last resort, it should be possible to set the content charset. Looking at the source for elementCharset(), you could try the following:

    import org.apache.http.Consts;
    import org.apache.http.params.CoreProtocolPNames;
    request.config(CoreProtocolPNames.HTTP_CONTENT_CHARSET, Consts.UTF_8);
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There is typo request = request.bodyForm(, Consts.UTF_8); – Skriptotajs Feb 10 at 10:31

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