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On my site I am tracking the URL /shop/ as goal by head match. As there are some URL parameters I cannot use exact match here.

Additionally, I am tracking a goal by exact match which is a URL to subfolder: /shop/process/paid.php

The problem is that GA tracks this subfolder with the head match as well, and thus saves the URL parameters that come along with paid.php, e.g. paid.php?email=customer@home.com

How can I prevent GA to track the URL parameters?
How would the setup look like?


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That should work with a custom filter:

admin->profile->filters->custom filter->search and replace.

Search for


(that's your url with arbitrary query parameters, the "\" is an escape sign since "?" is also an control character in regular expression. Dot means any character and "*" means any number of the preceding (in that case any) character) and replace with the desired url ( /shop/process/paid.php).

There is probably a more elegant solution but like most people I'm not good at this regex stuff. This should work however.


  • If those query parameters are nowhere needed in the tracking data you can exlude them completely in the profile settings.
  • You can created a profile for the subdirectory based on the directory (include filter->request uri contains "/shop" and set only this profile to remove query parameters
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Thanks Eike, I set up the filter (with Filter Field: Request URI), and report back in 2-3 days if it worked. –  Matheretter Jan 24 '13 at 9:29
It works, thank you! –  Matheretter Jan 28 '13 at 11:52

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