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Where does Eclipse Juno print the messages that the following annotation processor, ComplexityProcessor, outputs when it compiles class SimpleAnnotationTest? After compilation, I expect to see the messages in the Console pane, but it is empty.

public @interface Complexity
    public enum Level

    Level value() default Level.MEDIUM;

public class ComplexityProcessor extends AbstractProcessor
    public boolean process( final Set<? extends TypeElement> annotations,
                            final RoundEnvironment environment )
        for ( final Element element : environment.getElementsAnnotatedWith( Complexity.class ) )
            final Complexity complexity = element.getAnnotation( Complexity.class );
            String message =
                "Annotation found in " + element.getSimpleName() + " with complexity " +

            // Where does Eclipse print this message?
            processingEnv.getMessager().printMessage( Diagnostic.Kind.NOTE, message );
        return true;

public class SimpleAnnotationTest
    public void theMethod()
        System.out.println( "console output" );
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And what is processingEnv? Or processingEnv.messager? Do you have it's source? – madhead Jan 23 '13 at 23:24
processingEnv is a member of javax.annotation.processing.AbstractProcessor and is of type ProcessingEnvironment. messager is a Messager in javax.annotation.processing.ProcessingEnvironment. The javac Messager outputs messages to the console, so I mistekenly expected Messager in Eclipse to do the same. – Derek Mahar Jan 24 '13 at 15:40
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I found the output in the Eclipse .metadata/.log:

!ENTRY org.eclipse.jdt.apt.pluggable.core 1 1 2013-01-23 16:45:35.102
!MESSAGE Annotation found in SimpleAnnotationTest with complexity VERY_SIMPLE

!ENTRY org.eclipse.jdt.apt.pluggable.core 1 1 2013-01-23 16:45:35.102
!MESSAGE Annotation found in theMethod with complexity MEDIUM
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