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I am trying this:

        var word = "你好";
        var url = ''+encodeURI(word)+'/language/zh';
            url: url,
            crossDomain: true,
            dataType: "jsonp",
            success: function (i,item) {
            error: function () {

I got this error in the firebug console:

SyntaxError: invalid label
[Break On This Error]   

{"items":[{"id":1967282,"addtime":"2013-01-21 23:35:31","hits

zh?cal...0549189 (line 1, col 1)


Here is how the url should be formatted if you want to get back a jsonp:你好/language/zh


pronounce({"items":[{"id":436,"addtime":"2008-03-16 10:40:22","hits":4346,"username":"geneboy","sex":"m","country":"China","code":"zh","langname":"Mandarin Chinese","pathmp3":"http:\/\/\/audio\/2i253j1l2e2m1b2i2f3q2d2g2f341k2q1f3h2g1b3m223i342b2q3k28323n2732372e1b1o393k2k1m1i2q3m353q253l36371l3k3a3q3d271h3133342o263g3223_3m2d2p2f2d1f2k3n1h3i3g2q263f293e1b253g1i2f2h1t1t","pathogg":"http:\/\/\/audio\/3b2625373d3f2n1j233d2b211i3j3p3g1b1j1m312i3j2f261l2e2n383k371i1m3a3l292o3k2h29293h3q3c3f362h2k2h271m3i312o211h3m3g1h3e351m2n2d27_293q2c2l1m343a2q26343a391k1p3m1o2a2q333f35371t1t","rate":5,"num_votes":5,"num_positive_votes":5}]})

I now need help writing a function that prints the "pathmp3" value.

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That doesn't look like a jsonp url to me. – Musa Jan 23 '13 at 22:47
According to the last line of the error it appears that jquery has added ?callback=? to the url automatically. I added it manually just to be sure and I got the same error. Is that what you meant by your statement? – webmagnets Jan 23 '13 at 22:50
@webmagnets are you sure that that website uses callback as the name of the callback as opposed to something else? – Explosion Pills Jan 23 '13 at 23:58 says: format. Values: xml json (for jsonp, use param: callback/function_name) js-tag (returns a script tag for the pronunciation). How should I interpret that? – webmagnets Jan 24 '13 at 0:07
@webmagnets I'm not sure what they mean by use param. Is that something like callback/your_function_name_here or are they saying use ?callback=? OR ?function_name=?. Try the first one I guess – Explosion Pills Jan 24 '13 at 0:42
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Here is the ajax code that worked for me:

    word = "你好"
    var url = ''+encodeURI(word)+'/language/zh';
        url: url,
        jsonpCallback: "pronounce",
        dataType: "jsonp",
        type: "jsonp",
        success: function (json) {
       var mp3 = json.items[0].pathmp3;
       var ogg = json.items[0].pathogg;
    error: function(){
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