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Can anyone help me on how to find out which one's a super class. I think from that picture it would be CChatWnd because it has many arrows going to other sub-classes, but it also has a arrow going out to CprivateChatWnd.

Any help would be grateful

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CChatWnd is a superclass of CPrivateChatWnd, and CPanelWnd is a superclass of CChatWnd.

Note that there are two types of arrows in your diagram: those between the classes I mentioned are generalisations, whilst the other ones are directed associations.

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thank you so much – user1291606 Jan 23 '13 at 23:36
This answer is correct, so give him the answer. The more common synonym for a Superclass is Generalisation. So CChatWnd is a generalisation of CPrivateChatWnd, and CPanelWnd is a generalisation of CChatWnd. Conversely CPrivateChatWnd is specialisation of CChatWnd, and CChatWnd is specialisation of CPanelWnd. – Martin Spamer Jan 24 '13 at 13:14

For a quick overview of the basics of UML class diagrams I find this link useful. For you current question the section regarding Inheritance might be of special interest.

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