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What is the proper way for an MFC application to cleanly close itself?

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Programatically Terminate an MFC Application

 void ExitMFCApp()
        // same as double-clicking on main window close box
        ASSERT(AfxGetMainWnd() != NULL);


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any C# equivalent code? – Rami Shareef Jul 21 '15 at 3:30
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In support of @Mike's answer, the reason to use this method is to trigger the correct shutdown sequence. Especially important for MDI/SDI applications because it gives a chance for documents to prompt for save before exit or to cancel the exit.

@Matt Noguchi, your method will circumvent this sequence (which may be the desired effect, I suppose, but you've probably got problems if you're short-circuiting the normal teardown.

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PostQuitMessage( [exit code] );
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If it is a dialog based application you can do it by calling EndDialog() function.

If it is an SDI/MDI based application you can call DestroyWindow. But before which you will need to do the cleanup yourself (closing documents, deallocating memory and resources, destroying any additional windows created etc).

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