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I'm just learning EE and I have the following example url, http://mydomain.com/work/preview/clientname

where I want clientname to match a channel field I have setup ("client_name") and to pull in channel content only if it matches that channel field.

For example, http://mydomain.com/work/preview/google, would display channel content if the specified channel field "client_name" for a particular entry is "google".

I know how to use the following to pull in content from the channel "videos":

{exp:channel:entries channel="videos"}

...but how do I accomplish this for different url segments?

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I believe what you're looking for is searching the channel entries tag by field name.

Here's an example:

{exp:channel:entries channel="videos" search:client_name="google"}

Do keep in mind though if you want to use the segment for this you'll likely have to pass the segment through an embed as a variable. You can read about this here.

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