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In JAVA I am consuming (JAX-WS client) .NET webservice that returns data of type string[].

After I consume web service In JAVA, I get object ArrayOfStrings, and I don't have idea what to do with it. This class is generated by wsimport tool.

I need somehow to convert it to String[]

I tried to change web service to return List, but in java, resulting data is always of type ArrayOfStrings.

Is there a way to receive List or Array in JAVA?


    public List<string> GetListADocuments(string code)
    { ... }


    WebServiceSoap service = client.getWebServiceSoap();
    result = service.getListADocuments(code);


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Please stop shouting Java –  Steve Kuo Jan 24 '13 at 0:23

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Doesn't it have a method result.getString()? that return a String[] or List

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Uh, there is method getString() available. It returns the List<String>. Somehow I refused to notice it. Thanks. –  bobetko Jan 24 '13 at 14:04

Get its length, make a String[] the same length, iterate over ArrayOfStrings' contents, fill String[] with it. If ArrayOfStrings' has any methods that return a String[] directly, of course use that instead.

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