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When I run git add -p, is there a way for git to select newly made files as hunks to select??

So if I make a new file called foo.java, then run git add -p, git will not let me choose that file's content to be added into the index.

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When I tried git add -p someNewFile.txt on a new file (an untracked file), git would simply output No changes. and stop. I had to tell git that I intended to track the new file first.

git add -N someNewFile.txt
git add -p

However, since the file was untracked, it would show up as one giant hunk that couldn't be split (because it is all new!). So, then I needed to edit the hunk into smaller bits. If you're not familiar with that, checkout this reference to get started.

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I usually do it like this

git add -p foo.java


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