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does anyone knows how to activate URL Segment Support in Snow Leopard? I take I must add the AcceptPathInfo On directive to the httpd.config file in /private/etc/apache2 but I cant find the right way to do it. Should I set AllowOverride and go .htaccess instead? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!.

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You can use the AcceptPathInfo directive in the server config, virtual host, directory or .htaccess context.

  • virtual host context:

    Here’s an example for the virtual host localhost:

    <VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName localhost
        DocumentRoot "/Users/username/Sites/localhost/"
        AcceptPathInfo on

    That will now apply to the whole virtual host.

  • direcory context:

    If you just want to use it in specific directory, you can either use a <Directory> block in your server/virtual host configuration file:

    <Directory /Users/username/Sites/localhost/foobar>
        AcceptPathInfo on
  • .htaccess context

    Or, if you want to allow the AcceptPathInfo directive in .htaccess files, you need to set AllowOverride FileInfo for that directory, e.g.

    <Directory /Users/username/Sites/localhost/foobar>
        AllowOverride FileInfo
    # .htaccess file in /Users/username/Sites/localhost/foobar
    AcceptPathInfo on
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thanks for your awesome answer. cheers. – gansodesoya Sep 23 '09 at 18:48

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