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I'm trying to access the recent projects list the Xcode stores in terminal by calling:

$defaults read com.apple.Xcode NSRecentXCProjectDocuments

I get an error that says:

The domain/default pair of (com.apple.Xcode, NSRecentXCProjectDocuments) does not exist

I was wondering if anyone knew what the problem was.

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defaults read com.apple.Xcode
    NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows = 0;

It means the value you are looking for is not in the .plist file, for that bundle. The defaults file can only read those values in the files in folder ~/Library/Preferences/.

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Ok thanks. In my Preferences folder, I don't see any file named com.apple.Xcode.plist though. Do you know why that is? –  user1998511 Jan 24 '13 at 0:57

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