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I'm trying to port the Wavpack audio decoder in my freetime to Dart and it requires fixed numeric types and just saw that the Dart SDK has a new library called 'fixnum' which will possibly fit my needs: http://api.dartlang.org/docs/bleeding_edge/fixnum.html

As i see not even the bleeding edge Dart builds contain this library. Is it possible to fetch it from somewhere? Maybe it's still very raw right now and not really useful?

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Unlike other sdk libraries (args, intl, logging, meta, serialization, unittest) matcher, mock and fixnum are not available in pub. I don't really know why, but they should IMHO. A comment on issue 7540 reports that fixnum is missing but feel free to fill a new issue for that.

Once on pub, you will be able to use fixnum with the following dependency in your pubspec.yaml :

  fixnum: any
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Thanks. I've found it's source files on Github: github.com/kevmoo/dart-repo/blob/master/lib/fixnum/fixnum.dart I guess i can clone it to my SDK instance till it's officially released. I hope there will be a pub dependency for it soon. –  NagyI Jan 24 '13 at 9:11

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