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I'm using https://github.com/berryboy/everest-js

and want to post some note to my evernote,

but this project don't show example to create, anyone could show an example?

or Is there any REST API for evernote?

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We do not have a JavaScript SDK yet, but there are others that might be helpful (Ruby,PHP). You can find them here.

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Is there any plan for js sdk? or offer an REST+OAUTH API? –  atian25 Jan 26 '13 at 23:51
js sdk is in the works. –  Mustafa Jan 28 '13 at 18:55
good news. when do you plan to publish it? –  atian25 Feb 1 '13 at 13:21
It has been published : blog.evernote.com/tech/2013/03/07/… –  Mustafa Mar 8 '13 at 1:31

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