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We're using vlad the deployer to deploy our rails app.

Currently, we have some tasks that run after the vlad:update task. These tasks take a few minutes. During those few minutes, the site is broken.

I'd like to run those tasks in the middle of vlad:update -- after it has done everything except create the "current" symlink. How do I do that? the vlad:update task appears to be monolothic.

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Found the answer. Define your task to run before the update_symlinks task rather than after the update task.

remote_task :finish_deployment, :roles => :app do

remote_task :update_symlinks => :finish_deployment
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note that doing it this way means that finish_deployment will also run before the symlinks from shared are created, which may affect your logs, et cetera. – Bryan Larsen Jan 28 '13 at 15:46

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