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I am having problems with locking on setSelection(). The correct value is being selected no problem, but the graph is not being locked afterward.

I have tried:

graph = new Dygraph(satgraph, data, { labels: [ "Score", "Percentage of people at this score"] });
graph.setSelection(intoStepSpace, { locked: [true] });
graph.setSelection(intoStepSpace, "", true); 
graph.setSelection(intoStepSpace, null, true);
graph.setSelection(intoStepSpace, undefined, true);

and, just in case they want a highlightSeriesOpts instead of the name of a series:

graph.setSelection(intoStepSpace, { highlightSeriesOpts: [
   {strokeWidth: 3},
   {strokeBorderWidth: 1},
   {highlightCircleSize: 5}]
 }, true);}

These were all tried individually, not sequentially like the above code shows.

Likely, this is a problem with my not understanding optional parameters in JavaScript well enough, but after reading about this concept I think I have it right. Is it obvious to anyone what I am doing wrong? It's been a long time since I've used JavaScript for anything, and I'm happy to be using Dygraphs to get back into it.

Thank you very much for the help.

-Brian J. Stinar-

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My super awesome programmer friend Jeremy Pepper mentioned two things to me:

1.) Locking appears to lock the selection to a specific series, not locking the entire graph.


graph.mouseMove_ = doNothing;
function doNothing()

Works. I don't know why this solution makes me feel dirty...

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