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Is it possible with regex to match the initials of the words in a string? Example:

I want to match, say, International Scrabble Association, but it can come as ISA, Intl. Scrabble Assoc., etc. Ideally they will all match ISA.


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If you're asking whether there's a way to do it natively and only in regular expressions, then no, there is no way to do that. You'll have to split your string and extract the initials (perhaps using a regex), then construct a new regex from that. So the solution depends on your implementation, of course, but here's an example in PHP:

    $str = "International Scrabble Assocation";
    preg_match_all('/\b(\w)\w*\b/i', $str, $matches);
    $regex = '/\b' . implode('\S*\s*', array_map(strtoupper, $matches[1])) . '\S*\b/';
    $tests = array('Intl. Scrabble Assoc.',
                   'Intl Scrabble Assoc',
                   'Intl. SA', 
                   'intl scrabble assoc',
                   'LI. S. A.');
    echo "The generated regex is $regex.\n\n";
    foreach ($tests as $test)
        echo "Does '$test' match? " . (preg_match($regex, $test) ? 'Yes' : 'No') . ".\n";


The generated regex is /\bI\S*\s*S\S*\s*A\S*\b/.
Does 'Intl. Scrabble Assoc.' match? Yes.
Does 'Intl Scrabble Assoc' match? Yes.
Does 'I.S.A' match? Yes.
Does 'ISA' match? Yes.
Does 'Intl. SA' match? Yes.
Does 'intl scrabble assoc' match? No.
Does 'i.s.a.' match? No.
Does 'isa' match? No.
Does 'lisa' match? No.
Does 'LISA' match? No.
Does 'LI. S. A.' match? No.

Here's the ideone if you want to play around with it.

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Yes, the question was "regex-only". Thanks for your answer –  SxN Jan 24 '13 at 4:54
Actually, acheong, you inspired me: here is a way to do it: \bI\w{0,12}.? ?S\w{0,7}.? ?A Of course, it will match Integrated Star Aloha, but in my context it's OK. Thanks again. –  SxN Jan 24 '13 at 5:03

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