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I'm in PHP and I must access a Static method of an object which name must change.

   private $controlleur = null;
   private static $instance = null;

   private function __construct() {
     $nomControlleur = "Controlleurs\_" . Session::singleton()->controlleur;
     $this->controlleur = $nomControlleur::singleton();

This preceding code is giving me " Syntax error unexpected :: ".
I've also tried writing {$nomControlleur}::singleton(); but it's giving me even more errors, thanks a lot for your help.

Balls of steel

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$this->controlleur = call_user_func(array($nomControlleur, 'singleton'));

or (5.2.3+ only)

$this->controlleur = call_user_func($nomControlleur . '::singleton');
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What about

$staticCall = $nonController."::singleton()";


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Thanks, nearly that, but I have find it with your comment. Just pull of the () in singleton() beacause when you call it it gives singleton()(); –  Balls-of-steel Sep 19 '09 at 20:08
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I think now in PHP 5.3 there is also PHP __callStatic() as there was __call().

So you can define __callStatic() and undefined static method call will hit this method.

Please check here for more details and usage.


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