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I have an existing 2TB drive that's about 1/3 full. I have another 2TB drive that I'd like to add and create a storage pool for redundancy. The only problem is, I can only add the empty drive to a storage pool. Is there any way to create a new storage pool while still preserving my existing data?

Thanks! tim

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There is no way to create a storage pool with existing data. Storage pools are only a collection of drives that are managed by windows. You have to create one or more virtual disks from a storage pool. These virtual disks can be managed as if they are a regular hard drive(format, partitions, filesystem, ...). The data on the virtual disks is saved to the drives associated with the storage pool.

Easy solution:

  • copy your data to an external hard drive
  • create storage space with both hard drive
  • create a virtual disk with mirror
  • copy your data from the external drive to the virtual disk

complex solution if no additional hard drive is available:

  • create a storage space with the free hard drive
  • create a virtual disk(fixed size, simple) with the capacity of your data
  • copy your data to the created virtual disk
  • add the second hard drive to the storage pool
  • create a mirror virtual drive with the remaining capacity of the storage pool
  • copy the data from the simple virtual drive to the mirrored virtual drive
  • delete the simple virtual drive
  • extend the mirror virtual drive to 2 TB
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Thanks for the response. I was fortunate enough to borrow an external drive large enough to hold all my data so I did exactly what you said in your first solution! –  Tim Schmidt Mar 11 '13 at 4:01

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