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Now that the 7.8 update is coming to WP7.x devices, how can I handle the multiple tile sizes an app can offer?

What changes do I need to do in the AppManifest?

The SDK can be downloaded from here. Please help as I am not able to find a good resource till now.

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Have a look at this blog post, it describes the changes, and references a MSDN article on how to set that up.

Another option is to use a CodePlex project called MangoPollo.

Mangopollo will allow you to easily take advantage of new windows phone tiles (cyclic, flip, iconic) if your application is run from a Windows Phone 7.8 or 8 as well as new launchers if your application is run from a Windows Phone 8 while remaining compatible with windows phone 7.

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MangoPollo is great, it's what I've been using myself for my apps. I strongly recommend it. – Chris Charabaruk Jan 28 '13 at 3:40

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