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I am new to Codeigniter..

So this is my table:

request_id | login_name | login_password | reg_date | status

Can I use $this->db->insert_id() to get last inserted id if the primary auto increment column name is request_id instead of id?

Any help will be appreciated..

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Why you don't try by using it yourself ? Have a go. – Rikesh Jan 24 '13 at 5:30
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Yes, insert_id in MySQLi does not care about the column name, just that the column is AUTO_INCREMENT. It returns;

The value of the AUTO_INCREMENT field that was updated by the previous query. Returns zero if there was no previous query on the connection or if the query did not update an AUTO_INCREMENT value.

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Yes you can use.

$this->db->insert_id() gives you id of last inserted record, so no need to change the method name.

refer here

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Yes using $this->db->insert_id() you can get the id of last inserted record in table.
Like this :

    class InsertRecord extends CI_Model {
    var $tablename = "test_table";
    var $primaryID = "request_id";

        function insertRecord(){
             $insertArr['login_name'] = $_POST['login_name'];
             $insertArr['login_password'] = $_POST['login_password'];
             $insertArr['reg_date'] = $_POST['reg_date'];       
             $insertArr['status'] = $_POST['status'];
             if ($this->db->insert($this->tablename, $insertArr)) {
                $lastInsertedID = $this->db->insert_id();

In $lastInsertedID variable you will get id of last inserted record.

Hope this will help you... :)

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