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I need two different log files for my asp .net C# MVC3 project . First one should log all exception levels (from warn to fatal). Other log file will be used to log certain information like values of certain variables , results of some computation etc .

I was thinking of configuring second log file to log only 'Info' and use .info() to store required info . Is this right approach or is there any better way to do this? I'm using Nlog .

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You should probably use Trace or Debug for your second log file instead of Info, I use Info for the successful process like "Process 1 OK : 10 files created", it's pretty usefull when you have many process to monitor. For what you describe, I think Debug will be perfect.

  <target name="errorLog" xsi:type="File"
  <target name="traceLog" xsi:type="File"
  <logger name="*" writeTo="errorLog" minlevel="Warn"/>
  <logger name="*" writeTo="traceLog" levels="Trace,Debug"/>

For more infos NLog Wiki

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