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I need a Matlab code that will crop the face from an image of person. I have been searching google for past 3 days but unable to find a code that works correctly. Can someone please tell me how to do it.

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You may read about wavelets, I don't believe you search in google 3 days.

Image Processing using Gabor Filter

In case you the vision toolbox:

% Create a cascade detector object.
faceDetector = vision.CascadeObjectDetector();

% Read a video frame and run the detector.
videoFileReader = vision.VideoFileReader('visionface.avi');
videoFrame      = step(videoFileReader);
bbox            = step(faceDetector, videoFrame);

% Draw the returned bounding box around the detected face.
videoOut = insertObjectAnnotation(videoFrame,'rectangle',bbox,'Face');
figure, imshow(videoOut), title('Detected face');

will output:

enter image description here

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