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When using kohana driven site from 2 different devices I randomly get both session data on each device. I'm using native sessions to store few objects, but they should be private on each device. What am I doing wrong?

for example:

public function load()

    $session = Session::instance();
    $this->dialog = $session->get('dialog');


public function save()
    $session = Session::instance();
    $session->set('dialog', $this->dialog);

it looks like some kind of caching problem. I tried to regenerate session id every time. I've got 1st id, then 2nd, then 3rd and when i clicked a link a got 1st id again.

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I guess this is a problem related to your PHP configuration. The Kohana native driver for sessions is really basic and I don't think it could cause this kind of problem. – Haralan Dobrev Jan 26 '13 at 14:10

Make sure caching is turned off in your bootstrap file. And the cookie variables are set correctly, especially the Cookie::$domain.

Also verify your session config file too. You can find more info here:

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