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Unable to create named pipe w/err 0x0000007b

I am getting the above error when I try to connect the server and client on different machines.

The code I got from MSDN Link:

I am using Windows 7 machines to communicate.

#define FULL_PIPE_NAME L"\\\\.\\pipe\\SamplePipe"

To communicate with different machines I changed the above line to:

#define FULL_PIPE_NAME L"\\\\My Machine's IP address\\pipe\\SamplePipe"

Note: In the same machine itself, it will work only if the path is : L"\\\\.\\pipe\\SamplePipe". It will give the same error if I provide the same machine's IP address.

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Error code 0x0000007B is ERROR_INVALID_NAME ("The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect"). Read the documentation. When the server calls CreateNamedPipe(), it must use the "\\.\pipe\SamplePipe" name only, as it cannot create a pipe on another machine. When a client connects to the pipe, it can use the "\\ServerName\pipe\SamplePipe" name if connecting to a pipe on a remote or local machine, or the "\\.\pipe\SamplePipe" name only if connecting to a pipe on the local machine. The client cannot use the server's IP Address, it has to use the server's network machine name instead.

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