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People that send content to my website use Word, so I get a lot of Word documents to convert to HTML. I want to conserve only the basic formatting - headings, lists and emphasis - no images.

When I convert them with Libre Office "Save as HTML", the resulting files are huge, for example, a doc file of 112K becomes 450K HTML, most of it useless FONT and SPAN tags (for some reason, every single punctuation mark is enclosed in its own span!).

I tried this script: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/opensource/how-to-convert-doc-and-odf-files-to-clean-and-lean-html/3708 based on tidy and sed, and it reduced the size to about 150K, but there are still many useless SPANs.

I tried to copy and past into Kompozer - an HTML editor, and then save as HTML; but it converted all my non-Latin (Hebrew) letters to entities such as "ְ", which increased the size to 750K!

I tried docvert: https://github.com/holloway/docvert/issues/6 but found out that it requires a python library that requires another libraries, etc., which seems like an endless route of dependencies...

Is there a simple way to create clean HTML from Office documents?

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This is probably a duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/67964/… –  Erel Segal Halevi Jan 26 '13 at 17:51

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I researched a bit about this. Until now I use http://word2cleanhtml.com/ . However I keep looking for better ways to convert a .doc file in clean HTML

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I was using http://word2cleanhtml.com/ till i realised that MS Word itself gives the option to save document as HTML.

On selecting this, the .docx file becomes .html and is the best html version of a word doc that i've seen. Its certainly better than all these online tools.

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In your situation, you may need to go line-by-line to convert major parts of your word doc, then go back and cleanup any additional tags. If you don't mind this approach, then consider this solution...

  1. After saving your word doc as an web page, open that same web page in Notepad++.
  2. Then use the Replace feature for that document
  3. Within the find what box, type in <[^>]+>
  4. In the search mode for this same window, select "Regular expression"

Now all you have to do from that point is click Find Next until you get to the tags you want to replace and then click Replace for each tag that needs to be replaced. Make sure the "Replace with:" box is empty.

I don't know if there is a more convenient way, but this way is 100% Free and simple for HTML tag clean-up processing via Notepad++.

As far as converting inline-styles to external CSS (which I recommend as the second process after replacing unnecessary tags), try this app... http://inlinecssextractor.com/home.html

Good luck

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Using Notepad++ could be a solution for a single document, however, since I have new documents coming each week, I don't want to repeat the same replacements again and again for each document... –  Erel Segal Halevi Jan 25 '13 at 5:34

I found these two cleaners quite effective. First, I ran the word filtered html through


Then I used some regular expressions to convert some bulleted paragraph items to lists (li). Then I ran the result through


to wrap the list items with unordered list (ul) tags and clean up other errors. I was very pleased with the result that went from 1.5M to 225k.

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The best tool to convert Word documents to clean HTML is html-cleaner.com.

It has a user-friendly user interface and a customizable cleaning process.

Other useful feature is the conversion of tables to structured DIV elements.

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