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I use Kohana 3 + Kostache (Mustache for Kohana plugin). At some point I create string:

$addStr .= "<br/>";
$addStr .= $sumrow['name'].": ".$sumrow['counter'];

and then string is putted into table. The table is then rendered by a Mustache. Unfortunately the <br/> tags are not rendered properly but are rendered as a regular text (&lt; and &gt;).

Is there a way to force Mustache or Kohana to not escape tags but just render them?

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I finally got it. I had to just put {{{addStr}}} into my .mustache template file.

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I'd be careful with this as it also allows people to inject javascript into the variable. (assuming the variable is coming from user input?) – Jamsi May 14 '13 at 23:20

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