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I want to display the name of department with highest SUM of salary. I am using oracle sql and the table structure is Dept(Deptno,Dname,Loc) and Emp(Empno,Ename,Job,Salary,Deptno).

The query I use was

select Dname 
from Dept 
where Deptno=
      ( select Deptno 
        from Emp 
        where rownum=1 
        group by Deptno 
        order by sum(Salary) Desc

This gives an error:

Right parenthesis missing.

When I run the sub-query alone, it successfully returns a Deptno. But with the parent query, I get the above error.

What is the problem and what can be the possible solution?

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select dname
  from (select dname, rank() over (order by sum(salary) desc) rnk
          from dept d 
               inner join emp e 
                       on e.deptno = d.deptno
        group by dname, e.deptno
 where rnk = 1;

note, in your example putting where rownum=1 where you did is a huge bug. it would mean pick 1 random row and sort it (not really the highest salary row..just any old row)

my solution may get over 1 row if 2 deptartments have the same highest salary. you can use row_number() instead of rank() to just pick one if you want.

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