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I have a Virtual Smart Card Reader driver. It installs correctly at my PC (Windows 7 x64). But installation fails when I install it at another Windows 7 x64 PC. Of course I install them in the same way:

devcon install <inf> <hwid>

I compared setupapi.dev.log files and found the difference at very first line:

  • Successful sessions at my PC always starts from

    [Device Install (Hardware initiated) - {892EDE5E-BE49-443c-A0B3-005D74F2D69C}\ScFilter\1&3908c5bd&9&01]

  • Failed sessions at another PC always starts from

    [Device Install (UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices) - root\BixVirtualReader]

I had another Virtual Smart Card Reader at Divice Manager. But I switched it off before the installation of new driver.

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I have the same issue on my own PC at work where another BixVirtualReader was installed. I think you should reboot before re-installing the driver. I haven't had the time to find out what is happening, maybe in some lost hour at work... –  owlstead Jan 26 '13 at 19:06

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