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I have this simple file.

first name 1,last name 1
first name 2
first name 3,last name 3
first name 4,last name 4
  • Case 1: I read data from the file using this class:

        public partial class Person
            private string firstName;
            [FieldNullValue("default last name")]
            private string lastName;
            public string FirstName
                get { return firstName; }
                set { firstName = value; }
            public string LastName
                get { return lastName; }
                set { lastName = value; }

    and this code

            ExcelStorage provider = new ExcelStorage(typeof(Person));
            provider.FileName = "data.csv";
            Person[] res = provider.ExtractRecords() as Person[];

I get the data correctly , the second element in the array has the last name = default last name.

  • Case 2: I read the data using a dynamically build type:

            DelimitedClassBuilder cb = new DelimitedClassBuilder("Person2", ",");
            cb.AddField("firstName", typeof(string));
            cb.AddField("lastName", typeof(string));
            cb.LastField.FieldNullValue = "default last name";
            DelimitedFileEngine engine = new DelimitedFileEngine(cb.CreateRecordClass());
            DataTable dt = engine.ReadFileAsDT("data.csv"); 

I get the following exception : Line: 2 Column: 0. Delimiter ',' not found after field 'firstName' (the record has less fields, the delimiter is wrong or the next field must be marked as optional).

Let's change the file like this, adding separator on the second line

first name 1,last name 1
first name 2,
first name 3,last name 3
first name 4,last name 4
  • Case 1 : Reading using the static typed class: I get the same result: there is a default last name
  • Case 2: Reading using the dynamically created object: It doesn't brake anymore but there is no default value, there is just ""
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Firstly, you should set the second field to be optional.

  cb.LastField.FieldNullValue = "default last name";

Then you don't need to add a comma.

Secondly, if you DO add a comma, then you need to change the way the dynamic runtime class handles empty fields. The ClassBuilder is not treating string.Empty as null (which is probably a bug since it a differs from your first approach where you were not creating the class dynamically). But you can provide a simple converter to handle this.

  cb.LastField.Converter.TypeName = typeof(NullValueConverter).ToString();

and here is the code for the converter

public class NullValueConverter : ConverterBase
    public override object StringToField(string stringSource)
        return stringSource;

    public override string FieldToString(object fieldValue)
        // treat string.empty as null
        string result = fieldValue.ToString();
        if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(result))
            return null;
        return result;
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