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I fill a list with 12 strings as a timeline for a chose timespan

List<string> xValues = new List<string> 
  "Jan 2012", "Feb 2012", "Apr 2012", "Mai 2012", "Jun 2012", "Jul 2012", "Aug 2012",     "Sep 2012", "Okt 2012", "Nov 2012", "Dez 2012"

List<int> yValues = new List<int>();
foreach (string item in xValues )

and fill a Series

mySeries.Points.DataBindXY(xValues, yValues);

Then i created another series which contains:

xvalue/yvalue: x = "Aug 2012", y = 2 x = "Sep 2012", y = 1

and add both Series to Chart.Series Collection.

Now my problem. The points of both Series havent the Month-Strings as x-Value. They are all 0.

Debugger for Points shows me:

{X=0; Y=2}
{X=0; Y=1}

instead of what i want:

{X="Aug 2012"; Y=2}
{X="Sep 2012"; Y=1}

Here is a picture:

The 0´s dont lets start the graph at Aug 2012, he starts left at Jan 2012, because the series has no assignment between the xValues.

I hope u understand my problem. What is wrong? How can i get a assignemt between string-values at xAxes?

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How are you adding the new points? – SearchAndResQ Jan 24 '13 at 10:14
My Solution: Chart1.AlignDataPointsByAxisLabel(); – user2006777 Jan 24 '13 at 18:34

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