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I have a SPARQL/Update query likes below.

INSERT { <http://localhost:8080/resource/User/166> rdf:type seagent:User;
         seagent:User.email 'xyz@gmail.com'.

After execution of this query user has been inserted but properties of user not. How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Following the question and answer at DBpedia SPARQL query that has a period in it, your query probably fails (apparently gracefully) on the period (.) in the predicate seagent:User.email.

You can expand the prefix to the property's full URI <http://example.org/#User.email> or define a different prefix PREFIX seagent-user: <http://example.org/#User.> and use that: ... seagent-user:email 'xyz@gmail.com'.

However, you may want to review the URIs for the properties and remove periods to avoid this kind of problems, if this is your own ontology. Or you could use a well known ontology like FOAF that includes properties to link email address to a person or user account.

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thanks for reply, but my proplem not related to your answer. I realized that cause of this proplem is DataTypePropertyDefinition in my mapping file so I removed DataTypePropertyDefinition and problem has been solved. Thanks again. –  Pınar Göçebe Jan 27 '13 at 11:04

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