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Any tips on how this is done?

I've tried using the PatternTokenizerFactory, but it's not working as expected.

Is it possible to do this without writing a custom tokenizer?

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can you show us how you use PatternTokenizerFactory and what is not working with it? – D_K Jan 24 '13 at 11:17

you can tokenize the field in question using KeyWordTokenizerFactory and then do wildcard search

provided that you are not doing any other operation which does not work with the above Tokenizer.

Another way is a roundabout way. You can create a copyfield which will have its spaces stripped out using the following technique (or some other) :-

What is the regular expression to remove spaces in SOLR

You can then tokenize that copyfield using WhiteSpaceTokenizer (which essentially creates one token only since the copyfield values have no space) and then do a wildcard search on it.

The second approach might fail in some of the cases (for eg. "wor them" will match "worth*" after the spaces are stripped)

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