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I wish to determine the CPU/ RAM being used currently in a Windows based virtual machine or Server- for the machine itself, as well as for a specific app/web-app running on that machine.

I have with me the details of the app/web app that is being executed on that Windows machine.

The app will typically be a web app, and it can be in one of the following languages--> php/java/ruby/python/.net/node.js/perl.

Ideally I would prefer if a single command could be used to determine the pid for a app/web app that uses any of the above languages, however if a single command could be used (for all/each of the above languages) that would be ideal for me.

Another question--> how do I do something like the above, when the machine is a Windows machine? I.e.

(1) What command to use in Windows OS based machine to determine process ID (2) What command to use to use in Windows OS based machine to determine CPU/RAM used by a app/web app running in Windows based Machine. (3) Command to determine overall usage of CPU/RAM by the system (not any specific process).

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Look at tasklist to find the process ID of a process.

Look at WMIC for CPU usage for the system and specific apps.

Combined with find or findstr, should give you all the info you need.

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