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I am using Wijmo barcharts and am trying to create a graph which has images instead of labels on the x axis.

This is the code I have currently got, however, the image source is being printed out as a string rather than showing the image. Does anybody know of a way around this?

    $(document).ready(function () {
    defaultPalette = ['#e11a00', '#ddcd0e', '#005698'];
        hint: {
            content: function () {
                return + '\n ' + this.y + '';
        seriesList: [{
            label: "Entries",
            legendEntry: true,
            data: { 
                x: [<img src="photos/image1.jpg" />,<img src="photos/image2.jpg" />,<img src="photos/image3.jpg" />],
                y: [22,10,65] 
        painted: function (args) {
            var bars = $(this).data('fields').chartElements.bars
            if (bars.length > 0) {
                for (var i in bars) {
                    bars[i].attr({ fill: defaultPalette[i % defaultPalette.length]});
        mouseOut: function (e, data) {
  { fill: defaultPalette[data.index % defaultPalette.length]});


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Currently, there is no support for displaying images in place of valuelabels. However, I have made an enhancement for same to the development team and hopefully, it will be supported in future builds.



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