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now i have a code want to improve. the datatype of src data is byte. i want to calculate with float and store the result to byte. but i dont know how to convert datatype of data bwtween BYTE and float. I develop on Android NDK. the C++ code i want to improve followed:

void DoEffect(BYTE *pSrc, float rat){
//image data:BGRA
float red, green, blue;
red = pSrc[RED_CHANNEL] * rat;
green = pSrc[GREEN_CHANNEL] * rat;
blue = pSrc[BLUE_CHANNEL] * rat;

//  some step to calculate the result;
//  red = ...
//  ...

pSrc[RED_CHANNEL] = (BYTE)red;
pSrc[GREEN_CHANNEL] = (BYTE)green;
pSrc[BLUE_CHANNEL] = (BYTE)blue;


and my neon asm code:

void DoEffect_neon_asm(BYTE *pSrc, float rat){
__asm__ __volatile__(
        "vld4.8     {d0-d3},[%[src]]    \n"
        "vdupq.32   {d4, d5}, [%[rat]]  \n"
        "# convert src data to float?       \n"
        "code: convert byte to float        \n"
        "# calculate result         \n"
        "..                 \n"
        "# convert result to byte       \n"
        "code: convert float to byte        \n"
        :[src]"r"(pSrc), [rat]"r"(rat)


my problem is how to code "code: convert byte to float" and "code: convert float to byte" listed in "neon asm code".

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You'll need to do this in two stages - first unpack the bytes to 32 bit ints, then convert the 32 bit ints to floats. Note that would be much easier to do this with intrinsics rather than raw inline asm. – Paul R Jan 24 '13 at 12:25
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Converting bytes to floats is fairly straightforward. The code below will do this for one register of bytes:

"vmovl.u8       q3, d2                      \n\t"   //Expand to 16-bit
"vmovl.u16      q10, d6                     \n\t"   //Expand to 32-bit
"vmovl.u16      q11, d7                     \n\t"
"vcvt.f32.u32   q10, q10                    \n\t"   //Convert to float
"vcvt.f32.u32   q11, q11                    \n\t"

Converting back to bytes is almost exactly the reverse process. Use vcvt.u32.f32 and vmovn instead.

Also, if you're new to NEON, I would recommend reading the documentation thoroughly. It's a good way to get a handle on the instructions.

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thanks for your reply. – joyDream Jan 28 '13 at 1:42

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