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On PhpMyAdmin, I removed 'root' user by mistake. I was also logged in as 'root'. How can I add the user 'root' back, on MAMP?

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When starting the MySQL daemon, you can give an --init-file as option, which contains SQL to be executed on startup.

Paste this SQL query into a file, e.g. /home/me/recover-mysql-root:

    mysql.user (`Host`, `User`, `Password`, Select_priv, Insert_priv, Update_priv, Delete_priv, Create_priv, Drop_priv, Reload_priv, Shutdown_priv, Process_priv, File_priv, Grant_priv, References_priv, Index_priv, Alter_priv, Show_db_priv, Super_priv, Create_tmp_table_priv, Lock_tables_priv, Execute_priv, Repl_slave_priv, Repl_client_priv, Create_view_priv, Show_view_priv, Create_routine_priv, Alter_routine_priv, Create_user_priv, Event_priv, Trigger_priv, Create_tablespace_priv)
    ('localhost', 'root', PASSWORD('MyNewPass'), 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y');

Then start MySQL with this init script and it should create a new root@localhost account with all privileges:

shell> mysqld_safe --init-file=/home/me/recover-mysql-root &

For more information, consult How to Reset the Root Password Docs.

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