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I am trying for hours now to move my dialog in smartGWT, but with no luck.

This is my code:

            Dialog dlg = new Dialog();

            ListGridRecord[] h = scoringGrid.getRecords();
            HLayout chart = new HLayout();

            dlg.moveBy(500, 900);

I also tried: setLeft, setTop, setRect, without any effect.
My dialog always displays at the same location.

Any ideas?

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Are you sure your are publishing your changes correctly? – Sednus Jan 24 '13 at 21:51
Are you working on updated code? Sometimes a rerun is needed. Also as @Alain said, maybe it isn't being redrawn? – Cornelius Jan 25 '13 at 13:08
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Dialog is a subClass of Window. So you can invoke the method setRect which is inherited.

From the Javadoc:

public void setRect(int left, int top, int width,  int height)

// Set all four coordinates, relative to the enclosing context, at once.

If you don't see the change perhaps you would have to redraw in some cases I found it necessary.

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I had the same issue. I finally tried calling moveTo() after show(), and it worked.;
dlg.moveTo(400, 500);

moveBy() works this way as well.

I'm not sure WHY this works--I'm guessing show() automatically centers the Dialog and overrides previous placement. However, I don't get the same behavior working with a Window, and I don't see anything in Dialog overriding the show() behavior. But, it worked for me....

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