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Faced the problem: when i am trying to update field via active record in CodeIgniter there also updates timestamp field. For example my code:

$this->db->where('user_i', 1);
$this->db->update('ci_users', $user_info);

Creates this sql:

UPDATE `ci_users` SET `user_fullname` = 'asdasdfsafd' WHERE `user_iD` =  1

But after execution there also changes ci_users.user_creation_date field. Where there may be a problem?

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That's what timestamp fields are for.
If you don't want them to be altered on update - use DATETIME instead

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thanks, missed that –  Kin Jan 24 '13 at 10:28
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Mysql will automatically update the timestamp to current-timestamp if you have give default value CURRENT_TIMESTAMP or NULL to the column, so the solution is that you should not give the default value to that column...

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