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I am developing an Android application where two videos should be shown to the user simultaneously and they should be synced. I achieved this by using below algorithm:

int firstPercentage = (int)(100 * mVideoView1.getCurrentPosition() / (float)mVideoView1.getDuration());
int secondPercentage = (int)(100 * mVideoView2.getCurrentPosition() / (float)mVideoView2.getDuration());
if(mVideoView1.getBufferPercentage() < firstPercentage + 10 || 
    mVideoView2.getBufferPercentage() < secondPercentage + 10) {

Above algorithm basically guarantees that both two VideoView has at least 10 percent buffered video data to be played. However, I have a seekbar and play/pause button in my application. Hence above solution does not work because user can seek to a position that is not buffered yet. Anyone implemented such an app? Is there a good way to achieve this on Android?

Note: Videos are remote and their sizes are not small.

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