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-(NSArray *) convertArrayOfDictionaryToOneOfItsElement: (NSString *) key
    NSArray * result = [self convertEachElementToAnother:^(id element){
        NSDictionary *elementDictionary = (NSDictionary *) element;
        NSString * value= elementDictionary [key];
        //NSAssert(result, @"result must not benil");
        return value;
    return result;

This code works fine without NSAssert. However, if things are nil I want to ensure I nkow when it happens.

Well, I put NSAssert

It hangs.



Update: I found the bug. It should be NSAssert (value, @"result must not benil")

Well, I still want to know why doing NSAssert (result,... cuases problem

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Because inside block you have no result array, this array will assign only after last block execute.

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