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I am new to matlab . Can someone please tell me whats wrong with this snippet for summing the 3-D array of image.Its showing error in 3rd line and I am unable to debug it.

sumdiff=sum(sum(sum(testArr2, 3),2),1)
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The only thing that strikes me as obviously wrong is that you are summing over the values in a variable called testArr2 but have the image pixel data in a variable called x. Where does testArr2 get defined and populated with data ?

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While Mark had probably answered the question, I wanted to add that the easiest way to sum over the entire array is probably using the colon syntax:

sum_all = sum(x(:))

Also note that imread usually returns an array of integers (uint8 for standard jpeg images). Not all mathematical operations are allowed when using this type of arrays - and sometimes using im2double is necessary.

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