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I am currently learing MIPS for a class and wrote the below sample code.


.data   # Data declaration section


       main:      # Start of code section

               li $t1, 72
           move $a0, $t1
           li $v0,1

              li $v0, 10


As shown the value of '72' is stored in register $t1. Now, how do I parse out the '7' and '2' out?

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Divide by 10, the modulo is your next digit, repeat until the result of division is 0. This assuming you're not working with floating point numbers.

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Wow, it was that easy! I will see if there is some optimization I can do such as shifting the bits. I'm off to a good start. Thanks. –  different Sep 20 '09 at 2:29

Not a mips expert... but:

72 / F = 7 "7"

7 * F = 70

72 - 70 = 2 "2"

You can apply this logic using F * (number of total digits - 1) to get each individual digit.


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I am not using floating point numbers so I am unsure what is being said here. I will have to look at the MIPS documenation to see what "F" actually is. I think it stands for floatin point. –  different Sep 20 '09 at 2:30

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