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Must work on XP/Vista/7. Can use batch, VBS, or whatever else anyone with the mentioned O/Ses can run (except PE).

Need to choose 15 random files, and also similarly named folders (which are in a different location), and copy them to their own folder at the same time.

I've scoured google and websites like, and found a few close examples, but I'm too inexperienced to adapt the examples to what I need without going cross-eyed. I'd appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction (most efficient/easiest method to use), or some example possibly with a brief explanation I can also learn from.

Layout description:

30 files:
%~dp0\mod\store\XMLs -> %~dp0\mod\0.1.2\map\data  

30 folders:
%~dp0\mod\store\models -> %~dp0\mod\0.1.2\sky\stuff  

The code below is what I'm trying to adopt this to, but it only chooses 15 files/folders in order. Tried using the %random% environment var in an equation for SrcMax, but that just chooses a random amount of files and always starts with the first file.
(old code)

SET SrcCount=0
SET SrcMax=15

  FOR %%F IN (%~dp0\mod\store\XMLs\*.*) DO IF !SrcCount! LSS %SrcMax% (
  SET /A SrcCount += 1
  ECHO !SrcCount! COPY %%F %~dp0\mod\0.1.2\map\data\
  COPY %%F %~dp0\mod\0.1.2\map\data\
  ECHO XCOPY /s "%~dp0\mod\store\Models\!FNAME:~3!_map"  "%~dp0\mod\0.1.2\sky\stuff\!FNAME:~3!_map\"
  XCOPY /s "%~dp0\mod\store\Models\!FNAME:~3!_map"  "%~dp0\mod\0.1.2\sky\stuff\!FNAME:~3!_map\"
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I believe this should work.

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set XMLs_src=.\mod\store\XMLs
set XMLs_dest=.\mod\0.1.2\map\data
set maps_src=.\mod\store\models
set maps_dest=.\mod\0.1.2\sky\stuff

rmdir /q /s "%XMLs_dest%" 2>NUL
rmdir /q /s "%maps_dest%" 2>NUL
mkdir "%XMLs_dest%"
mkdir "%maps_dest%"

for /L %%X in (1,1,15) do (
    call :rnd rn
    call :xml !rn!
    call :map !rn!
copy "%XMLs_dest%\*.*" "%XMLs_src%" >NUL
echo d | xcopy /q /f /e /y "%maps_dest%\*" "%maps_src%" >NUL
echo Done.
goto :EOF

set c=0
for /d %%I in (%maps_src%\*) do set /a c+=1 >NUL
set /a %1=%RANDOM% * %c% / 32768 + 1 >NUL
goto :EOF

set c=0
for /f %%I in ('dir /b /o:n "%XMLs_src%"') do (
    set /a c+=1 >NUL
    if !c!==%1 (
        echo %XMLs_src%\%%I -^> %XMLs_dest%\%%I
        move "%XMLs_src%\%%I" "%XMLs_dest%" >NUL
        goto :EOF
goto :EOF

set c=0
for /f %%I in ('dir /b /o:n "%maps_src%"') do (
    set /a c+=1 >NUL
    if !c!==%1 (
        echo %maps_src%\%%I -^> %maps_dest%\%%I
        echo d | xcopy /q /f /e /y "%maps_src%\%%I" "%maps_dest%\%%I" >NUL
        rmdir /q /s "%maps_src%\%%I"
        goto :EOF
goto :EOF

It basically moves to prevent duplication, then copies from destination back to source to restore what was moved away.

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Can't get it to work. Tried for 3 hours now but it won't move/copy files, what am I doing wrong? Output: | Tried again with %c%==%%1 instead, Output: | Tried again with %~dp0 instead of . for path vars, Output: – ronald Jan 25 '13 at 0:34
XMLs folder is missing from the store now, and it's copying over all 30 files/folders, not 15. I'll mess around with it see if I can get it to work. – ronald Jan 25 '13 at 22:07
Sometimes doesn't work either, have to run it several times for it to start copying/moving stuff. – ronald Jan 25 '13 at 23:12
I don't think I can figure this out. I got it to move and copy back the XML files (not the folder), but it's not random, only the first 15 XMLs are moved/copied. The folders in the model folder are all moved/copied, not 15. Any idea what's going on? All I changed was removing the \* and adding \*.* to %XMLs_src% for the :xml label. – ronald Jan 27 '13 at 0:34
I broke down and created some test files similar to what you described in your original post. I fixed some issues and this now works for me, pulling 15 random maps and matching XMLs. – rojo Jan 28 '13 at 15:04

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